JYMed’s CRO&CMO service for your peptide project

Where JYMed can support your peptide project?

CRO & CMO service

JYMed can provide peptides API and peptide finished dosage development for your project, as below:

[Peocess Development]



Development and determination of process

Optimization of process

3 batches production to assess the feasibility to scale up

1-3 batches pilot scale production


3 validation batches production

ICH Stability study

Clinical Sample production

[Analytical Development]

Development of analytical methods of related substance and assay

Impurity study

Development of analytical methods: GC, IC, amino acid analysis, counter ions and hygiene methods

Establishment of Specification

Working Standard Preparation

Validation of analytical method

[Regulation Documents]

Summary of data and DMF filling

Regulatory Support in front of US FDA/EDQM

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