Custom peptide

We can do peptide according to customer requirement.

【Peptide Capabilities】

Manufactured in Guangdong & Jiangsu China

Personalized PhD level consultation with experienced peptide chemistry experts

Small to large scale peptide synthesis from mgs to kgs

Purities from crude to >98%

Solid and Solution Phase Chemistry

Cyclic Peptides - Cys to Cys, Head to Tail, Internal Lactam

Stapled peptides

Special modifications including: Phosphorylation, Fluorescein, Glycosylation, PEGylation, Rhodamine, AMC, pNA, Biotin, d-amino acids, stable isotopes, EDANS, Dabsyl, Dansyl, Abz, thiolactic acids, and many others

In house Amino Acid Analysis

custom peptide

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